Monday, October 03, 2005

On the weekend I saw someone get angry when they should have been happy..

The taxi I was riding in hit another car, and the other driver lost it..

There was no damage, If I was him I would have been the happiest person alive. Come on you get hit by a taxi and it leaves no damage, just a wipe of the finger and the paint from the taxis bumper came right off the other car...

He was so angry and he had his daughter in his car, I told him to calm down and be happy as it is much better to be happy about it than not..

He said he was trying to scare the taxi driver, Come on. I know a small fact they do more miles per day than we all do in a week, and if they have an accident once a week this is better odds that most drivers. They are trying to make a living not hurting anyone else.

Also another thing about taxi drivers, If they have an accident they lose money as they cannot drive the car anymore, where as most of us can get into a jeepney or taxi and we are at work..

I know they seem to be the worst drivers but let them have a chance. and be happy if possible....

If in the future you would laugh about something why get angry now why not laugh it off. Makes you feel much better..

Also tanks to my friendly commentary person.. Thanks for the support..


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