Monday, October 03, 2005

Linux Magazine for Free. No jokes..

We can be happy that these people are publishing a monthly magazine on Linux for end Users and it really is for free..

Tux Magazine

*From the Publisher: Patents and Innovation
*From the Editor: Who Let the GNOME Dogs Out?
*Letters to the Editor
*Q&A with Mango Parfait
*Home Plate: Digital Exhibitionism, Part II: gThumb
*Suited Up: KDE Everywhere You Go: Platform-Independent Personal
Information Management
*TUX Explains: Inkscape: the Elements of Design, Part I
*TUX Explains: GnuCash
*TUX Explains: I've Got Peace Like an iRiver
*TUX Explains: Playing Windows Games on Linux with Cedega
*TUX Explains: Windows Gaming on Linux: Deus

Dont get too angry with Mango Parfait I think she likes to stir the pot..

The other mag I really love and I am waiting for this months delivery is Linux Format..


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