Friday, September 30, 2005


Left a thank you note on the desk of one of my employees last night.

When she arrived before me she could see the note and knew that I do care about what she puts in to the company..

Without people around you who you can trust and communicate with on many levels we would live a very borring and not very interesting life..

As some one said many years ago Get a Life..

Life includes being involved in the people around you at work at home, every where, become interesting by becoming interested in others..

Thursday, September 29, 2005

WORDS to remember and use constantly

Certainty ? To be certain. Be certian about everything you want or are going to do.

Quality Quantifier ? Make the Quality of life the way i want it.

Commitment ? Commit to the goal.

Clarification ? To make clear dont make things vague as it causes problems later

Intention ? Never question someones intention.
Positive Role models..

I will be coming up with a list of people who I think show a level where we should all aim for, either in our private life or public life.

Some people may not be perfect but perfection is something we all aim for..

First one on the list is Patch Adams

A coment on his web site is this..

Support the Dream

The greatest way you can support the Gesundheit! mission is to share and spread generosity, compassion, and a commitment to service in your own community.

Software solution...

Saving money anywhere is good...



Download.. Install.. Run..

Open office will give you office ability.
Gimp gives you the Photoshop ability.
KDE gives you the windows experience.

It's fast and easy...
Need help leave a comment?
Make someone happy show them you really do care..

There is always something you can say positive about someone.

Even just saying hello, you are looking good today..

I purchased some Mcdo sausage and egg mcmuffins for my main staff.

But did not really leave any one else out because during the day I have complimented every one on something today, Shirt, Dress, looking smart.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder....
I have seen so much negativity in the last couple of weeks, months.

I have gotten to a point where my guts turn and scream at the thought of seeing what is going on about me..

I live in a really beautiful country called the Philippines which has had a couple of problems in its past, But then again which country has not had problems.

There is very little positive happening that I can see as it is not broadcast, I turn the news on and all I see is death and destruction everywhere in the world..

SO NO MORE.......

What do I love...
My daughter, My Wife, My Staff members, My computer...

What is going to be good.
I have made a full on decision to cut all negativity from my life for once and for all, Yes bad things happen but there is always a silver lining to the cloud.